Bar Tempering Machine



Product Details

It is a machine used for feeding the extruders with praline or nougat masses at a constant temperature, structure and viscosity. By this way, Nougat Tempering Machine not only provides a sensitive weight control, but also it increases the shelf life of the product. Masses with particles as nuts, peanuts, rice crispy and dried fruits are processed flawlessly.

It has a very simple yet highly effective design. It not only cools down your mass, it also enables the mass to have a shapeable plasticity.

Our Nougat Tempering Machine is used for feeding our extruders with the fluid masses continuously. Moreover, with the help of the scraped surfaces, it not only cools down the mass, but also provides the mass to achieve a shapeable consistency.

The mass, which is coming out of the machine, is homogenous and at constant temperature. This factor enables the extruder to have standard production. Capacity of the tempering machines can be adjusted variable.

As per your demand we can also aerate the nougat or praline mass.




Technical Specifications

  • Equipped with scraped type of heat exchanger.
  • Speed of the machine can be adjusted variably.
  • The machines functions bar mass tempering varying from 400Kg/hour and 800Kg/hour.


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